Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I do not entertain house guests

Sitting on my bed, 338 am, with an open juris book next to me and writing this shit. *sigh* Something must be wrong.
 You know what I hate the most? When people come in to your lives like some piece of a missing puzzle which you never knew even existed... So many times, if you look back to a time in your life, you may not realise that people who make such an integral part of your life today, weren't even known to you back then. Suddenly, they appear in your life, make themselves accustomed to your life, get their space...they pick a place, like that blue beanbag in your room that your particular friend always chooses to sit on when he visits? Just like that, they pick a place in your life and they occupy that place. It's like they were always there. You cannot remember life without them, even though, there were definitely times when life was never about them. I think of my friends now, whom I spend the majority of my days with. They weren't even there in my life two to three years back. And to think I never felt the need to have somebody like that. Right now, I feel like my life is complete, in the sense that I have everyone whom I love Mashaa'ALLAH. But tomorrow, I may come across a person who will end up being my best friend for the coming ten years or so. Or, I might start working in a place where interacting with my colleagues will take most of my day. Or the traditional notion of falling in love. Or getting married and moving with your in-laws... It's weird how they all form a part of your life, as if they always were there. So, back to the point. What I hate the most is when people come in to your lives and occupy a central-ish position, and suddenly decide to withdraw. WTF, dude?! You've made me used to seeing you on that beanbag! You're leaving my life's puzzle all incomplete now, by going! I hate it when people do that. They challenge the way things are. They mess with my mind and make me want to feel like I need them, and just when I start doing that, they decide they don't like this place at all.
                  Make up your mind. Come, stay. You are welcome. But only if you make my life your home. I do not entertain house-guests.