Friday, May 10, 2013


Ever felt like you don't exist?
Like the world is perfectly capable of, and in fact is, rotating with no help from you?
Best friends in primary school have now made a mark: they are people who worked to bring a change and for that they are now recognised.
There are others: more dedicated than you, smarter than you , better than you at your job. And you are invisible therefore.
There are political party supporters, Oscar winning women, fashion designers... all known for their corners.
People working for the elections, to bring a change. Working, in some way, for which they are recognised.
People who are making satirical videos, music, art.
People who, in every form, in every angle, are making something out of themselves.

Do you feel invisible?

You don't have the same amount of friends. The same amount of likes. You are silly when you argue.
You don't have the drop dead gorgeous looks to mesmerize with.
You do not get the same attention.

Do you even exist in their world? In this world?

Your friends aren't there anymore... you don't know when and where they all scattered. The ones who are there are not there. The tiny little bubble you lived in has popped. There's no more the delusion of being in a world inside the world. Truth is, you're alone. You're by yourself. And maybe, you're not even there.

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