Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"YOU WON'T. You have to fight for it."

There is somebody in my life who told me today that I can't do it. Period. That they don't see me as doing it and that they don't see me as even getting the chance to try to to do it. It has really, really scared me.

Anyway, back to the topic. And there was a guy, a really sweet one, who told me how to find my way.

He said,"Do things just to prove them wrong." And I am like have you done any things to prove people wrong? And he said,"Lot's of them." So I asked him to give me an example. He thought for a while. And then he gave me a few examples I could relate to...

And then he told me to relax. He said I am only 22, 23, so I am still very young and I have a long way ahead of me, and I need to breathe. Everything will work out.

And then I asked him what if it doesn't? He said, so what, get married or start working. And I said I don't want to get married this early. I won't get a job. And he said,"Probably not." And I glared at him.

And then again I said, I need to get a job. If this doesn't work out, then who will offer me a job like that. And he says,"You won't." He paused. "You have to FIGHT for it."
It suddenly all made sense. He gave me a little smile.
I won't find a job...THAT IS WHY I need to fight for it. I won't get a job offer...the ONLY way I will is if i fight for it.

And I got what he was trying to tell me. That, for whatever it is, whatever I need in my life, or what I can or cannot get, I must put up a fight. That things will NEVER be the way we wish for them to be. Yet, we must fight. We must go after the things we want despite there being no chance! If we fight for it, and struggle, and make an attempt, there is ALWAYS a possibility. :)

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