Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where are you God?

Update: A friend sent me these lovely words after reading this post. It felt like it was a message from God, and He intended me to read them. These were the words: "Adam asked God 'why don't you make everyone equal in this world?'. God replied,"I want to see whether people who I have blessed with everything are thankful to me or not. And people who I have not blessed with everything can be patient for me or not. If any of them fail to thank and have patience, God will ask them on the Day of Judgement."

Where are you God, when you see so much wretchedness in the world?

Where are you, when injustice takes place on your earth?

Where are you, when children bully zui in a way to damage his life-long self-esteem?

Where are you, when your creation isn't enough to take care of himself? You created him. You created him lesser than everyone else, you created him inadequate. Where are you? You have left him to suffer, alone, due to your will.

Where are you? When people are made to rub their heads on others' feet? When they are helpless, humiliated, in agony?

Where is your mercy then? Where is your love? Where is your kindness?

Where are you when you see women being stoned to death which is a horrific interpretation of YOUR religion?  When they're stuck in the earth....and they can't move...and a stone after stone, hits them on their face and makes them bleed?

Where are you...when my baby feels inadequate. The pain of helplessness, of not being good enough. Why don't you help him? Why don't you stop the others?

Where are you? Why are you quiet? Do you not see? Why don't you respond? Are you there???

Where were you when I saw a woman screaming at her maid for no reason? What about that suffering just because of poverty? I am guilty of doing the same at times...where were you for my maids?

Where are you....I ask you.... when women are harassed and made to stay silent?

When a family including an innocent kid is slaughtered in Canntt, where are you?

Either you are not there. Or you are not as loving and kind as you make yourself to be.

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